Firecraft Studios is a fast-growing mobile game company located in the San Francisco Bay Area, and other international offices. Founded by several industry veterans with multiple top-grossing hits, Firecraft Studios' newest game Matchington Mansion has been quickly attracting millions of players since its launch in winter 2017. Firecraft Studios is quickly expanding to cater to our ever-growing user base thanks to the love of fans and editorial features from Apple, Google, and Amazon. We are currently looking for talented people who are fast-learning and passionate about making games for our junior roles.

Associate Game Designer



This position is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We allow the ability to work from home, or in our local office. Must be able to reach the SF office to collaborate with the team when needed. We offer insurance and other standard benefits in the US. We foster a relaxed environment, flexible work hours, and excellent team building.

Contact us via email at for further information.


A small team with a big crush on puzzle games and huge passion to create them!


25 W 25th Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403